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Malware programs are usually poorly-programmed and often cause your computer to become unstable and unbearably slow, as well as wreaking all sorts of other havoc. Many Malware programs will reinstall themselves even after you think you have removed them, or hide themselves deep within Windows, so they become very difficult to clean.

Where does Malware come from?

There’s many different ways a Computer or Laptop can be infected by Malware, but the most common method used by Malware programs is to come bundled with other programs (such as Kazaa, Bit Torrent, Limewire and other file sharing programs). These programs usually pop-up ads, sending revenue from the ads to the program’s authors. Others are installed from websites, in the guise of ‘software needed to view the website’.

Bundled programs are not the only way your Computer or Laptop can become infected by Malware, and there are other ways malware can infect your PC. For example, some of the CoolWebSearch variants install themselves through holes in web browsers like a virus would, requiring you to do nothing but visit the wrong web page to get infected.

Most malware programs, however, must be installed by the user. Unfortunately, getting infected with malware is usually much easier than getting rid of it, and once you get malware on your computer it tends to multiply.

Cadmium PC Tech can get rid of malware from your Computer or Laptop

Our PC Repair Engineers have extensive experience in removing Malware, as well as an up to date knowledge of the latest threats.

We don’t only remove the malware, we also give our customers access to tools they can use to make sure they can stay protected from malware and other nasty threats on the internet.

To arrange for a visit from one of our PC Repair Engineers, please call us on 0121 661 9417 and we’ll usually be round the same day.