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What is Spyware – The Problem

Spyware programs are a type of malware infection that are designed to send information about you and your computer to somebody else.

Some spyware programs simply relay basic information to a server, such as the addresses of sites you visit or terms you search for,however there are others that may send back information you type into forms in your web browser or the names of files you download.

There are also some more types of spyware that are more serious, which search your hard drive and report back information such as

  • Which programs you have installed
  • Contents of your e-mail client’s address book (usually to be sold to spammers)
  • Or any other information about (or on) your computer

Some examples of what a spyware program might report back include

  • Your name
  • Browser history
  • Login details
  • Credit Card numbers
  • And your phone number and address.

Spyware often works in conjunction with toolbars. This isn’t always the case and it may sometimes also use a program that is always running in the background to collect data, or it may integrate itself into Internet Explorer or other web browser, which can allow it to run undetected whenever the browser is open.

Our Computer Repair Engineers have extensive experience in removing Spyware, and are always kept up to date of the latest threats.

We operates a policy of using specialist software which is one of the best in the market to ensure the Spyware is removed quickly and thoroughly. As with our other infection removal services, we also leave your computer or laptop protected from future threats.

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